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Our Commitment to Client Success
Our key goal is to deliver outstanding service to each and every client. Success can be quantified in terms of revenue earned, profits made, hours of productivity saved and often improvement in the corporate perception which leads to greater organizational growth. Viha IT Services as a company strives towards the success of our clients. We make recommendations and suggest business process changes that are far beyond software development and this is what sets us apart!
Our Commitment to Quality
Every single project at Viha IT Services goes through a similar set of quality process, regardless of how intricate or trivial the project may be. We never compromise on our quality of service, even while maintaining our competitive rates. For us, quality doesn’t only include the absence of bugs in the software, but it also embraces overall performance, usability, scalability and aesthetic appeal of our products. Our fully committed quality assurance team monitors all project processes at every development stage to deliver high quality results.
Our Commitment to Business Continuity
Viha IT Services has been in operation since 2013, we look forward to delivering the same exceptional results for many years to come. To ensure business continuity all our systems are based in the cloud, from email, project management to our source code repositories and monitoring systems. We ensure continuance of operations with multiple development centers in different cities and a detailed contingency plan.
Our Commitment to Security
Our security commitment highlights the importance we give to this aspect of software development. Over the years we have realized the importance of making sure no stone is unturned when it comes to application security. Viha IT Services has worked with multinational agencies to build highly security sensitive PCI compliant systems, we partner with the best in the web security business and have a process of development that covers all the basics even before the software is launched. We often work with external agencies that scan for security issues and assist in making sure the software is kept abreast of all the security cautions applicable.

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