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About Smart Institute

Smart Institute system will help manage students and staff data, streamline administrative tasks, maximize institute-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success.

Smart Institute, our integrated institute management system not only connects everyone within your school but it also connects your institute to your students, families and everyone in your community.

Our award-winning higher education software solutions, joined with our experienced professionals, ensure successful and cost-effective implementations enabling us to work together on a clear path to future growth.

Smart Institute Features

  • Staff registration with login
  • Staff rights
  • Student admission process
  • Student registration along with all required details (it include everything like role number, GR NO, Community etc)
  • Leaving certificate
  • Bona fide certificate
  • Birthday card
  • All required report related to student
  • Fee deader setup
  • Fees structure setup
  • Fee collection & receipt management
  • Fee Pending status
  • All required report
  • Mange bus detail
  • Manage stops detail
  • Manage stops detail
  • Setup Stop wise transportation fees
  • Mange shift and stop wise bus arrangement
  • Assign stop and shift to student
  • Create exam (Central board or Gujarat board)
  • Assign student marks
  • Auto calculation of exam marks , grade, percentage based on exam criteria
  • Exam report card generation
  • MAll exam checking reports
  • SMS configuration
  • Admission confirm message
  • Daily attendance SMS
  • Circular SMS to staff and student
  • Exam result SMS
  • Homework SMS
  • Late fee SMS
  • Birthday wish SMS
  • Upcoming exam SMS

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