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Software Testing Work Process
1. Analyzing the requirements and functional specifications
2. Sprint planning
3. Defining the test environment and testing tools
4. Developing a test plan
5. Daily sprint review meeting
6. Creation and executing test cases
7. Reporting bugs
8. Implementing various testing methods
9. Providing detailed testing status reports
10. Sprint release

At Viha IT Services, our test engineers work hard to discover bugs and errors in your applications before your users do. From bringing together a certified team to managing the testing process, our testing efforts are directed to simplify the entire application quality management process. By collaborating with our testing team, you can resolve issues faster and deliver a frictionless experience to your users.

Our testing services ensure that each of your software application’s functions operates in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring behavioral adherence and quality. Our testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts, improve time to market, ensure that you have a secure online existence, and eventually, help you improve your bottom line. Our team consists of experts who understand and know how to use testing tools to the optimum, thereby bringing you outstanding and innovative solutions.

Performance testing for speed, scalability, and stability to ensure that your application performs optimally even at peak loads. We help you avoid any bottlenecks in your app and ensure its reliable work.

We ensure that your application is reliable enough and responsive to respond to unforeseen surges like Holiday Sales or Black Friday and can also scale to other future events like new clients, acquisition, product releases, ongoing business growth, or regulatory changes. We also help to evaluate the risk of downtime to plan maintenance activities.

Functional testing tests that your app functions as specified in the design document. We ensure that each feature of your software will work as intended, thus avoiding functional errors and illogical software behavior.

Compatibility testing checking your app’s compatibility across devices, browsers, OS, and backward and forward system support. Our testing lab sports the latest hardware, operating systems, platforms, and 3000+ real devices to ensure the compatibility of your application with various computing environments.

Security testing verify storage issues, data integrity, the security of activity logs, and tainted inputs. Any software is prone to data breaches, but our security testing ensures that your sensitive information remains safe from hacking or any other unwary activities.

Usability testing ensure that users can execute and perform the tests on the app satisfactorily. Taking into account specific user needs and your market particularities, we help companies progress through engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive interfaces. From testing, performance, and functionality to localization and regression, our testing engineers encompasses everything that enables us to deliver a quality product swiftly. Using our years of experience in offering testing services, we adopt the best approach, tools, and frameworks that improve the time to market, mitigate risks and increase your business ROI.

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