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Our PPC Management Services

Our PPC services can get your brand in front of the right customer, in the right place, at the right time, and on the right device.

We carry out a detailed analysis of your business current standing, your competitors, your offerings and requisites to design an effective and results-oriented PPC strategy. This includes recommended budget for all the selected promotion networks including Google Adwords, Bing Sponcered search Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

After in-depth research of your business goals, competitors’ and target audience, we design a meticulous campaign structure comprising of attractive ads and creative landing pages that will help you stand out in a sea of competitors. This is implemented by a professional team that keeps you in the loop at all times. All the accounts we work on are owned by the customer for full transparency.

Keywords and filters
We devise the most effective strategy to reach your targeted audience quickly. This can be targetting a geo location, genre, device, kayword, interest, group, relationship status and many others.

We use ingenious tools to track your PPC campaigns daily, we ensure the campaign is delivering the required results and ensure that the impact of PPC advertising is clearly visible to you. Problems are detected quickly and changes are made weekly.

Periodic Optimization
We monitor our PPC campaigns closely and keep optimizing them to ensure that you enjoy higher click-through-rate and conversions. It helps us optimize those campaigns that are not performing well and improve those that are already bringing in traffic and sales.

The success of our PPC campaigns stems from the transparency we bring in our process. Our PPC reports give clients a complete performance review, so you know exactly how your ads are performing and what to expect in terms of costs and results.

Pay-per-click marketing offers businesses the opportunity to plan targeted advertising campaigns to reach their most valuable customers online. At Viha IT Services, we believe in working with you and understanding what your business means to you. With a deep understanding of how PPC campaigns work, we will help create campaigns that work with your bussiness goals within your budget. Our dedicated PPC experts ensure that with each passing day, your PPC campaigns brings targetted traffic to your web site.

Viha IT Services PPC Management can help to:
• Increase return on investment (ROI) – increase revenue and reduce marketing cost
• Provide solutions for lead generation, brand awareness, and increasing sales
• Drive targeted traffic to your website
• Reach the right people at the right time
• Gain a competitive edge quickly

How can our PPC Services help your business
PPC advertising services by Viha IT Services empowers businesses of all sizes to target the highest positions on search engines. We help our clients generate the potential leads at a lower cost by showing ads to the people who would be interested in your product/services. Only meticulously-planned pay per click marketing strategies can help you get the maximum return on your resources. We have an exceptional team comprising of digital marketing experts that know how to design the best pay per click advertising campaigns to generate a good ROI. Our PPC campaigns are the most accountable form of marketing where you can set a fixed budget and pay only when a visitor clicks on your adds.

Some companies we work with for Pay Per Click / Sponsored ads

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