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Web Analytics / Google analytics consulting

Simply running a digital marketing campaign is not enough. You need to measure the results too. Identifying which metrics to measure and which parameters are the most valuable could get quite overwhelming without the right kind of tools. This is where Google Analytics Consulting Services come into picture. Google Analytics help you slice, dice and report data in so many ways so as to understand how visitors ‘search’ and interact with your website.

Our team of Google Analytics Consultants helps you harness the power of this tool to understand how well your website is performing. Our services also include the configuration of path analysis, funnel analysis, AdWords integration and A/B and multivariate testing, and custom Google Analytics setup.

Our Google Analytics consulting process includes:
Initial Assessment
To begin with we run a thorough research on the type of industry and then compare your products and services to those of your competitors. We help identify the target audience, the market share and the strongest competitors.

Interpretation of the reports
We also help formulate a long term strategy for data gathering and analysis.

Determine further action
We parse the data collected and make recommendations such as website changes, content recommendations, keyword densities and such other adjustments to get the best possible results.

For every successful marketing campaign, measurable output is a must. It is impossible to understand your position without the ability to measure the output.

Here’s how the Viha IT services Team can help you
Our consultants conduct a thorough research of your business, it’s online standing and future opportunities. We analyze:
• Your website’s online traffic trends. We also ensure that your business goals are taken into consideration while we setup and configure your account. Google Analytics provides easy access to the performance data and getting experts to decipher that data helps build your confidence in your marketing decisions.
• A complete analysis of customer-demographics to locate where most of your buyers are so that you can target your ads to a very specific audience.
• Identify potential areas to increase sales.
• Analyze your website to identify areas where you can optimize and improve so as to gain maximum visibility.
• Identifying problem areas on your website and provide appropriate solutions to fix them.
• Identify source of traffic and analyze which ones work best for your business.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides clear insights into the marketing opportunities and possible pitfalls. It’s something that you can use to your advantage for successfully marketing your products and services online. Without knowing how your business is performing, there is no way you can prepare a business strategy for the future. With Google Analytics and all the data at hand, you can refine your strategies and adjust your budgets and explore opportunities to maximize your ROI. Weeding out the non-performing elements is also part of the process. We ensure that we provide you with detailed reports of our analysis so that you can take informed business decisions. We also prepare a list of suggestions that will help you fix the identified problems and get better results for your website.

Merely collecting data is not enough. The true value is not in creation of reports, but in the interpretation of all the data that is collected. With accurate analysis you can prepare a precise plan.

Our Google Analytics experts will help you through the development of a plan, identification of your business goals and accurately relating them with the key performance indicators. Interpreting the results and ensuring that your business has all the necessary data can bring about a dramatic change your web presence.

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